Thanks to the many excellent features of our graphite powder, it has been used in widely ranging industries to improve electric conductivity, sliding characteristics, and resistance to heat and friction.

  1. Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.
  2. Superb resistance to chemicals, friction and heat.
  3. Self lubricity.
  4. Great affinity to resins and plastics, making them easy to machine and remove from moulds.
  • Amorphous-type Powder
  • Needle-type Powder
  • Main Applications

    friction materials / oil seals / mechanical seals / conductive agents / sliding agents / lubricators / powder metallurgy / exothermic agents/ mould-releasing agents / fillers / paints / electrical carbon brushes / resistors

Artificial Graphite Powder: Quality Characteristics (representative values)
Amorphous-type Powder
Product Name Ave. Grain Size
Max. Grain Size
AT-No.5 37 350
AT-No.10 18 176
AT-No.15 15 128
AT-No.20 8 88
AT-No.40 7 44
Needle-type Powder
Product Name Ave. Grain Size
Max. Grain Size
AT-No.5S 52 350
AT-No.10S 25 200
AT-No.15S 13 88
AT-No.20S 11 88
AT-No.40S 6 44

Common Characteristics: fixed carbon 99%, water content 0.5%, true specific gravity 2.2

In addition to the above-listed products, we can supply wide-ranging variations through modified raw materials and manufacturing processes. Oriental is also experienced in the manufacture and sale of coke powder.